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L'Arche de la Fuvelle (Devoluy)

This massive arch is located on Devoluy massif (a spectacular wildness area) below the peak of "Grande Tete de l'Obiou" (Big Head of Obiou) on "Combe de la Fuvelle". The arch has a measured span of 4.7 meters and an estimated height of 10 meters. Mountaineer Pascal Sombardier silhouetted  on the broken stone slope below the arch give the scale.

Most of the route to the arch is unfrequented and unmarked along abrupt cliffs and broken stone slope. This spot is reserved to experienced and agile persons accustomed on route-finding challenge. The trip gains over 1800 meters in altitude. Rope and ice axe can be useful for the trip. Attempt this 10 hours round trip only in summer time by fine weather. IGN topographic map 3337 west "Devoluy" (pleat C2).

More photos of the trip here.

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