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Pierced Caves of Ardèche 2 (20 arches)

The magnificient Pont d'Arc has several natural opening located around the natural bridge on left and right abtument, on the top, on the side and under it. This first arch about 2.5 meters span is situated under Pont d'arc on the left bank orographic. By land, the opening is accessible without getting your feet wet by a narrow underground passage. By the river, on canoe or swim.

This second opening is located also on the left abutment of Pont d'Arc and can be visible only at low water flow of Ardèche river. These two arches are the evidence about the widening of Pont d'Arc.

This natural well open on the middle of the west face of Pont d'Arc and have an estimated depth of 20 meters. It emerge near the top of the natural bridge.

This fourth opening about 13 meters of depth is located up on the cliff of Pont d'Arc on the right bank orographic.


                             These six other small natural arches are located under Pont d'Arc.



This other arch is located on the top of Pont d'Arc close to the middle of the natural bridge. This is the tenth natural arch present on the huge natural bridge. The opening has an estimated height of 2.0 meters.

This multiple opening is located on the side of Ardèche river close to Grotte de Paul et Virginie (Paul & Virginia grotto). The main opening has an estimated height of 2.5 meters.


This natural arch is located close to the previous opening on the side of Ardèche river here in flood stage.

This natural arch is located on side of Ardèche river at the bottom of Combe de Vanmalle on Natural Reserve of Gorges de l'Ardèche. A crew of a double canoë seen through the opening fortuitiously posed for the shot.


   Another example of a pierced cave located on the side of Chassezac River on the area of Casteljau.

The five following natural arches are located all togheter above and below a short cliff on the side of Ardèche River on Vallon Pont d'Arc village, Ardèche department of France.




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